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5 Element Meditation for Harmony

5 Element Meditation for Harmony


This is my favorite meditation. I learned it from my teacher, Bill Helm about 12 years ago and I have suggested it to many patients over the years. I believe that the nature of the mind is to think, and consequently many people new to meditation find the parctice of emptying your mind and "thinking of nothing" to be a challenge. This meditation engages your mind the entire way through so that you are able to relax and gain the benefits of meditation even if you normally can not "empty your mind." I have explained this meditation and sometimes given a quick drawing to describe it, and many patients have asked me for it again and again, so I am finaly writing it out for everyone to enjoy. I hope you like it as much as I do. 

 The Five Elements of Chinese medicine are, in order, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. They correspond to the five major organ systems of Chinese medicine, the Heart, Spleen/Stomach, Lungs, Kidneys, and Liver. During this meditation you imagine the color associated with each system and with each breath draw that color into that organ. The time spent with each color/organ is not set, allow it go at your own pace, when you get tired of one color move on to the next and you will naturally spend the most time in the system you are weakest in. For most people this meditation takes about 30-40 minutes to complete, although the time is not set, find a comfortable spot, close  your eyes and begin.

5 Element Meditation for Harmony

1. Heart/Fire/Red.

Imagine the color red, or fire, or anything that you think of that is red or firey. Dont feel limited it can be red stones, flowers, something you saw that was red, whatever comes to mind. Breathe that color and imagine it filling up your heart. When you tire of red/fire, move on to Earth.

2. Spleen-Stomach/Earth/Yellow-Orange-Brown.

The color of Earth element is yellow, but can also be any earth tones like brown soil, orange desert, think south west colors and you're in the right palate. Breathe these colors into your stomach area. Then when you tire of the earth tones, move on to Metal.

3. Lungs/Metal/White or Silver.

Metal is the element of the lungs, imagine anything white that you like, you can also choose anything shiny or metalic. I often think of snow with the sun shining on it, that is both white and shiny. You can think of mirrors, metal, diamonds, clouds even, anything that reminds you of white and/or silvery color. When you tire of Metal go on to Kidney. 

4. Kidney/Water/Blue-Black.

The water element is associated with the kidneys. In Chinese medicine the kidneys are the root of everything and eventually any disease process or disharmony in the body will start to affect your kidneys which store your life essence. Therefore they are vital, but are often weakened. The color of the water elemet is blue or black. Imagine what you will, I suggest watery things like the oacen, or the ocean at night is even better, but you can use whatever imagery you like. Breath that blue/black color down into your lower abdomen. When you tire of water, it is time to move on to the final element, Wood.

5. Liver/Wood/Green

The liver embodies the element of wood, it should be strong and supple. The color of the wood element is green, whatever green comes to your mind, deep mossy caves, leaves, grass, anything you like and imagine yourself breathing that green into your liver, located in the upper right of your abdomen. When you tire of green and the liver take a few breaths and let yourself slowly open your eyes and enjoy the calm and harmony you should be feeling. 


The short reminder...

1. Heart/Fire/Red

2. Stomach/Earth/Yellow

3. Lungs/Metal/Sliver-White

4. Kidney/Water/Blue-Black

5. Liver/Wood/Green


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